FAHR Percentage is the traceable % to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC 

For a horse to be eligible for registration it must trace a minimum of 75% to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC.

Only one non-appaloosa is allowed in the fourth generation and only four non-appaloosas are allowed in the fifth generation. When calculating the percentage of trace back to the first 8 stud books you must trace back as many generations as necessary. calculating percentages 


Tom Taylor Founder of FAHR w/Smohalla Toby of Wolfrun Appaloosas 100% FAHR #13

Apache Red Arrow 89.0625% FAHR #877 placed 6th at the 2013 ANCER ride and has completed over 2000 lifetime endurance miles 


Miamis Kekionga Sha 84.375% FAHR #259 2012 National Endurance Champion and took 3rd place for 2014 ANCER ride. Congratulations Jacob and Keki for a job well done!


Update: we have been informed that the fraudulent group operating out of Oklahoma and Illinois has finally chosen to do the right thing and stop defrauding FAHR and its membership! While we applaud them for choosing to do the right thing we feel it is also time for them to show some character and integrity and send all FAHR property to the corporate office where it belongs. All of this property was paid for by the members of FAHR!  

If you have any concerns or question about this please feel free to contact us by phone 574-825-1475 or email fahrinc@aol.com or through here.

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FAHR Staff,


The Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry is an Indiana based Non-for-Profit Corporation, Incorporated on April 6, 1998.


The P.O. Box 1134 Middlebury, IN 46540 is the only legitimate address for

The Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry/FAHR.

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