If you would like to be a part of Real True Breed Development study our calculating percentages page to figure out if your horse qualifies, if they do then register them with us. They will then become part of the gene pool from which the True Appaloosa Breed Horse will come.

Remember the oldest Appaloosa genetics are the strongest. Owning a FAHR registered horse is owning a piece of Appaloosa history.

FAHR Percentage is the traceable % to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC. For a horse to be eligible for registration it must trace a minimum of 75% to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC.

Only one non-appaloosa is allowed in the fourth generation and only four non-appaloosas are allowed in the fifth generation. When calculating the percentage of trace back to the first 8 stud books you must trace back as many generations as necessary. Calculating Percentages

Tom Taylor Founder of FAHR w/Smohalla Toby of Wolfrun Appaloosas 100% FAHR #13

Jacob Cukjati with Apache Red Arrow 89.0625% FAHR #877 placed 6th at the 2013 ANCER ride and has completed over 2000 lifetime endurance miles.

Jacob Cukjati with Miamis kekionga Sha 84.375% FAHR #259 2012 National Endurance Champion and took 3rd place for the 2014 ANCER ride. Congratulations Jacob for a job well done.

Diane Schemerhorn with Iron Lady Hawk 81.25% FAHR #1036 Iron Lady Hawk in Distance/Endurance riding. She is the Minnesota Distance Riding Association 2015 Limited Distance champion. In UMECRA she earned 4th place LD for 2015 and in American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), she is 4th place LD for the MW region! We had a great year.

Suzanne Landreville with CTR Eagles Gold Rush 91.0156% FAHR #928

RER Pcocks Sun Patch 84.375% FAHR #753 owned and bred by Jodie LaRosh has earned the following awards with ApHC in Endurance Riding -

2015 ROM

2015 Bronze Medallion

2015 Finished 4th in the nation

2016 ROM

2016 Superior Event Achievement

Tina also earned the 2015 CRHA National Champion Endurance Horse.

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Now is a good time to join FAHR if you own a FAHR registered horse. We are offering FREE transfers now thru 2017 to all active members.

Starting Jan 1st, 2018 the registration fee for horses with both parents FAHR registered will stay at $15; all others will be $25. Non-members will be charged $50 regardless of parentage.

 Also starting Jan 1st, 2018 FAHR will be requiring 5-panel testing.  So if you want to be a part of true breed development now is a good time to join, the only Appaloosa Registry that is doing it. "Driven by mission guided by principle"


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