FAHR Percentage is the traceable % to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC 

For a horse to be eligible for registration it must trace a minimum of 75% to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC.

Only one non-appaloosa is allowed in the fourth generation and only four non-appaloosas are allowed in the fifth generation. When calculating the percentage of trace back to the first 8 stud books you must trace back as many generations as necessary. calculating percentages 


Tom Taylor Founder of FAHR w/Smohalla Toby of Wolfrun Appaloosas 100% FAHR #13

Apache Red Arrow 89.0625% FAHR #877 placed 6th at the 2013 ANCER ride and has completed over 2000 lifetime endurance miles 


Miamis Kekionga Sha 84.375% FAHR #259 2012 National Endurance Champion and took 3rd place for 2014 ANCER ride. Congratulations Jacob and Keki for a job well done!


The Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry is an Indiana based Non-for-Profit Corporation, Incorporated on April 6, 1998.


The P.O. Box 1134 Middlebury, IN 46540 is the only legitimate address for

The Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry/FAHR.

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Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry